With Earth ravaged by the Celestial War of 2044, humans have found themselves existing on a planet much less forgiving than the past.

With existing settlements in an extreme cold climate, Saskatchewan was an excellent choice for wandering New Age families,  groups that could survive the winters while protecting their unchanged children. Protection of a parent’s young was paramount, as children did not evolve until maturity and thus were vulnerable. Until the children could mature and gain their own new abilities, strict supervision and protection was integral for survival in this new world.

Although the story focuses on Saskatchewan, Canada, as the centrifuge for important events, the setting of Rustwalker investigates the corruption, greed and destruction in other major cities around the world. From New York’s decimated wasteland of rubble as far as the eye can see, California’s barren Desert of Glass, the overgrown and treacherous forests of Toronto, to across the world where most of Europe has submerged under water, Asia has become infested with the Shifted Army, and nobody has heard a word from the Oceanic realm, the world of Rustwalker has been reborn and is an entirely new and dangerous world.

Uncompromising and relentless, a world where only the strong survive, Rustwalker breathes life into an exceptionally detailed and original setting.

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