The Story

cats-promofinal2Rustwalker is a dystopian, post-apocalyptic graphic novel about hardship, heartache, survival, and above all, hope. The novel features a vast world rich with lore and is primarily set in the expansive wasteland of a future Saskatchewan, Canada. In its current state of development the novel is graphically styled into a gritty, realistic depiction of the struggle to survive in an uncompromising landscape. The story builds on the dystopian/post-apoc genre with new ideas to create a compelling story. Rustwalker directly confronts prominent social themes such as race, gender, feminism, equality, oppression, elitism and power. With intriguing characters of various races and backgrounds, strong female leads, and empowered characters with disabilities, the story is as inclusive as it is socially challenging. As opposed to playing it safe, Rustwalker faces controversial issues directly and provokes the reader to question and analyze their own social belief systems.

Rustwalker is a complex world where crucial decisions play a large part in the successes and failures of the protagonists. Featuring writing by an underground Canadian legend, and art by a talented Ukrainian artist, Rustwalker is an extremely vivid, detailed, and iconic story for our ages.

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