Rustwalker graphic novel in development

family-promofinalWe are proud to officially announce the development of our first graphic novel, Rustwalker. This story is a dystopian, post-apocalyptic graphic novel about hardship, heartache, survival, and above all, hope.

Drawing from elements of the writers personal life, the story is based in Saskatchewan and follows a man, his son, and their two cats. On the hunt for lost love, struggling to survive in a new, unfamiliar world, this group must evolve and adapt, or die to the new threats that have arisen.

Rustwalker is heavily driven by somber and harsh storytelling, often drawn from real life experiences of loss and hope. Fully written and created by award-winning Canadian writer, Derek Hall, and drawn by skilled Ukrainian artist, Kira Mayer, this post-apocalyptic adventure is vast, imaginative, and provocative.

Rustwalker directly confronts prominent social themes such as race, gender, feminism, equality, oppression, elitism and power. With intriguing characters of various races and backgrounds, strong female leads, and empowered characters with disabilities, the story is as inclusive as it is socially challenging. As opposed to playing it safe, Rustwalker faces controversial issues directly and provokes the reader to question and analyze their own social belief systems.

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