Online store full of collectibles and nostalgic keepsakes is LIVE!

9-brant-finishedUntil our Kickstarter is live you can support the development of Rustwalker by visiting and purchasing something at our online store: ~

Our official Kickstarter will begin soon (sometime in January or February 2017), but in the meanwhile I am literally selling off any and every nostalgic keepsake that I own! Action figures, video games, vinyl records, you name it! Now that the online store is built and I have been adding products at a steady pace, you can soon expect the store to be overflowing with some awesome collectibles. Not only do I have hundreds more action figures and collectibles that I will be adding, but I haven’t even started adding my vinyl record collection (500+ records)! I am not just asking for your blind assistance to finish this book, I am making huge sacrifices to accomplish this goal. Sure, I love some of my records, I love some of my more obscure collectibles, but if I am not willing to sacrifice anything then why would I ask you to trust in my vision?

A few weeks ago I was hanging out with my son when he asked about the Rustwalker poster hanging above my bed. I explained that it was from a story I had written. He seemed intrigued so I began telling him the story from the beginning. I haven’t seen him so encapsulated regarding any story…ever. He asked questions, he inquired many times “what happens next?”. The plot twists had him smiling, the characters, the world, the elements of my story had him completely swept away into my fantasy. It’s hard enough to get him off of a video game to even watch a movie with me, so having him completely engrossed in MY story was an amazing feeling. He sat there asking me every little detail about the story for over half an hour, and in the other room he had Super Mario Maker for Wii U just waiting for him. The story of Rustwalker began as an outlet to my feelings of devastation and my search for hope, it was my way to deal with my loss, and the end result was intended to be a guide for those who need an extra shot of courage and strength to keep trekking along through life’s challenges. It was my handbook to push forward, and it was my gift to those who may find themselves in similar challenging situations.

I am SO excited to share this story with the world!

With love,
Derek Hall

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