Main Characters

Dr. Roger Ebner

2-johnathon-finishedDr. Roger Ebner is the main protagonist of the novel. He is the father of Hale Ebner, the husband of Kristen Ebner, and the owner of two pet cats, Turt and Grem. Roger, Kristen, and Hale were celebrating the couples tenth anniversary in Banff, Alberta, just previously to Kristen catching a flight home early for work. The Celestial War began at this time, and Roger lost touch with Kristen when global communications ceased to exist. Roger is thirty-five years old. Prior to the Celestial War, Roger was an acclaimed writer for a scientific journal, where his articles focused on his expertise in both Physics and Geology. Roger is also an avid outdoorsman, and his extensive experience in the wild has given him not only the will to survive, but the tools to protect his son and cats. Forging their path back to the Prairies of Saskatchewan in search of Kristen Ebner, Roger fears she may already be dead, or worse, transformed into a helpless Celestial Mould. Roger develops an exceptionally powerful Celestial Attribute. This new found power assists him in his mission to protect and hopefully reunite his family.







Hale Atreides Ebner

3-hale-finishedHale Ebner is the son of Roger and Kristen Ebner. Hale was only seven years old when the Celestial Age arrives, therefore he has not developed a Celestial Attribute. Hale must rely on his father, Turt, and Grem for protection. Hale is an inquisitive, intelligent, and playful child. Hale believes that his mother, Kristen Ebner, is alive. Hale frequently tells his father that she speaks with him when he goes to sleep, and Dr. Roger Ebner believes these visions may be more than just dreams, but he can’t be sure. Children are known to only attain Celestial Attributes upon reaching maturity, so Dr. Ebner believes that these dreams may just be wishful thinking influenced by his son’s longing to reunite with his mother.








Kristen Dawn Ebner
1-kristen-finishedKristen Ebner is the mother of Hale Ebner, and the wife of Roger Ebner. Kristen is a thirty year old software engineer, and was working as a freelance coder previously to the Celestial Age. While on their tenth anniversary in Banff, Alberta, Kristen was offered a high-paying contract that was time-sensitive and required her immediate attention. Against her wishes, but with an extremely tight deadline on her new contract, Kristen caught a flight home a few days early, leaving Roger and Hale to enjoy the last few days of vacation in Banff, Alberta.









Turt Ebner
4-turt-finished222Turt is a long-haired tortoiseshell cat, and a pet of the Ebner family. Turt is a shy, but affectionate cat, and she will do anything for her family. After the Celestial Age, Turt evolves into a feline/humanoid crossbreed and develops a Celestial Attribute. Turt and Grem have somewhat of a rivalry, and though they pretend to dislike each other, their devotion to one another is unparalleled. Turt would rather avoid conflict, and is quite elusive when it comes to confrontation. Despite being more reserved than Grem, when the situation calls for it, Turt can hold her own and then some.









Grem Ebner
5-grem-finished-2Grem is a short-haired tortoiseshell cat, and a pet of the Ebner family. Grem, like Turt, also evolves into a feline/humanoid crossbreed and develops a Celestial Attribute. Grem is much more outgoing than Turt and is a bit of a troublemaker. She is sarcastic, oftentimes rude, and frequently selfish. At the end of the day, even though she would never admit it, Grem is extremely loyal deep down. Grem is a fierce hand-to-hand combatant, and with quick reflexes and an insatiable desire to hunt, she is always looking for someone or something to give her a reason to put her talents to use.









Kanz, Face of the Future
6-kanz-finishedKanz, alongside his sister, Emoren, are the “Faces of the Future”. They are the primary leaders of the Lightseekers, and they serve as the official representatives of the Celestials. It is unknown whether their human appearances are their true human forms, but all Lightseekers are extremely desirable in human form. Every feature of their faces and bodies are sculpted to perfection, and they use this asset to bend the wills of men and women. Kanz speaks in an almost poetic and calming manner, always delivering messages from the Celestials with a refined and diplomatic etiquette. Although he promises that their species has come to Earth to enhance our planet for the greater good of mankind, the Lightseekers methods of enforcing their agenda has been questionable. Kanz is extremely powerful and uses technology and science far beyond human comprehension. Although he speaks of peace and prosperity for mankind, it is said that he is ruthless in his quest to adhere to the Celestial agenda.







Emoren, Face of the Future
7-emorenEmoren, the sister of Kanz, is also a leader of the Lightseekers. It is now known that she can take many forms, which makes it hard to know when she is in your presence. However, Emoren, like all Lightseekers, always has perfect features and the body of a Goddess, and she uses this to her advantage. It is believed that she decimated much of the Old World Government by seducing high ranking leaders and then slaughtering them, much like a black widow. When the Celestials first arrived, Emoren was very much as refined and diplomatic as her brother Kanz, but as her relentless history caught up with her, her name is now one to be feared. Being that she can take many forms, people of Earth are extremely cautious around all beautiful women, always second guessing whether they may be another form of Emoren.








Supreme Commander Maetthere Brant
9-brant-finishedMaetthere Brant is the leader of the Circle of the Elite. Like every member of the CoE, not much is known about his past previously to the Celestial Age, but it is believed that he was an oil tycoon that traded off his vast resources for a partnership and advanced technology from the Lightseekers. Maetthere has developed an extremely powerful Celestial Attribute, giving him superior intelligence, but in the process he has lost all emotion and is completely void of compassion for mankind. He believes that the Lightseekers brought with them a necessary evolutionary step for the human race and is an avid promoter of their agenda. Maetthere works feverishly to remove all traces of our history and is dead set on eliminating all who oppose. Maetthere uses extreme force and violence to oversee his operations.








General Black
10-black-finishedGeneral Black is the second in command within the Circle of the Elite. Like the Supreme Commander, very little is known about his past previously to the Celestial Age. General Black is an extremely deadly and violent adversary. Like all members from the CoE, his Celestial Attributes are extremely advanced, making him feared across the land. General Black collects the heads of those he kills and it is said that he cannibalizes his victims alive.









Okimaw (Chief) Iyinisiw
chief_iyinisewChief Iyinisiw is the leader of The Hunger. Previous to the Celestial Age, Chief Iyinisiw was the son of Okimaw Askuwheteau, a renowned and respected Cree elder. Iyinisiw was previously the warrior chief of his band, and it was likely that he would have taken over as Okimaw when Askuwheteau passed away during the Celestial War, prior to a traditional transfer of power. Iyinisiw is twenty-eight years old, and is a skilled hunter and fierce combatant partially due to his past, and also due to his Celestial Attribute. Chief Iyinisiw prefers peace and understanding, but will not allow harm to come to his people no matter the cost.









5-wawetseka-finishedWawetseka is the wife of Chief Iyinisiw. She is an extremely compassionate and loving woman, and takes pride in keeping Hunger children and elders safe. After the Celestial Age, Wawetseka developed highly attuned shamanistic Celestial Attributes. Much like her husband, Wawetseka always seeks peace, but when challenged she is resilient and extremely effective at rendering her enemies incapable of causing harm to her people.









Daiki Sato
16-daiki-finishedDaiki Sato is a member of The Hunger. He is eighteen years old and is of Japanese origin (Osaka, Japan). Prior to the Celestial War, Daiki was an exchange student working towards a Bachelor of Science in Engineering at the University of Toronto. Along with Daiki’s formidable technical abilities, he is also a gifted artist. In fact, Daiki’s artistic abilities have developed into a very unique Celestial Attribute, one which assists him in traversing the entire country as he journeys towards the rumored safety of Saskatchewan, where he eventually joins The Hunger.









Rebel Leader Kri
rebelkriRebel Leader Kri is the leader of the True Human Rebellion, but almost nothing is known about this mysterious person. The THR has enforced absolute secrecy regarding their leaders identity to protect them from harm. One thing is known about Kri, they are dedicated to retaining the history of the human race, directly opposing the agenda of the Celestials and the Circle of the Elite. It is also strongly believed that this person has an incredibly powerful Celestial Attribute.









Lieutenant-General Faith Breton
faithLieutenant-General Breton is a high ranking member of the True Human Rebellion. She is of French Canadian origin, hailing from Montreal, Quebec. Faith migrated to Saskatchewan during the first Great Celestial Rush, when massive waves of New Age families headed to the colder climates and resource rich lands of Saskatchewan. Previous to the Celestial Age, Faith was an art student at the Centre des Arts Visuels in Montreal. Lieutenant-General Breton is only twenty-two years old, but her Celestial Attribute makes her a more than capable assailant for the THR. Her primary duty is overseeing advanced military tactics and more importantly, the protection and safety of Rebel Leader Kri. Faith Breton is a feminist and a lesbian, the thought of which infuriates the Circle of the Elite.








Major Ryan Stone
14-stone-finishedMajor Stone is a high ranking member of the True Human Rebellion. He is from San Francisco, USA, and was vacationing in Saint Paul, Minnesota, visiting his grandparents when the Celestial War began. Ryan is forty-two years old and previously to the Celestial Age he was a member of the US Army, serving with the Special Forces as a Green Beret. Major Stone’s previous combat training and experience, paired with his Celestial Attribute, make him a valued member of the THR. His primary duty is overseeing the THR infantry and ensuring that no men are left behind. Major Stone would take a bullet for his troops, and has done so on many occasions, always escaping death to return to the front lines another day. Major Stone is gritty and hard-nosed, but his bravery and dedication to the THR is unmatched.








Ayanna Williams
ayanna-finishedAyanna Williams is a twelve year old African American originally from Brooklyn, New York.  She lost both of her parents and her older brother during the Celestial War. Remarkably, she was found surviving (and thriving) on her own in the wastelands, and is now being looked after by the True Human Rebellion. Ayanna has high-functioning autism, which some have given speculation may have contributed to her unique circumstances regarding her being the only known human that has shown signs of a Celestial Attribute prior to maturity. With Ayanna on the brink of puberty, the THR believes her coming Celestial Attribute may be so powerful that they seek council with The Hunger to help her harness her ability to its maximum potential.

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