lightseeker-1-no-bgThe Lightseekers are a race of beings who believe themselves to be the true messengers of the Creator. They are human in form, almost angelic in presence, but they carry with them a dark and eerie mystique. This is particularly noticed when suited in their menacing armor, aptly earning them the nickname Cyber Angels. lightseeker-2-no-bgThough they have always claimed that the Celestial war was good for the future of mankind, their methods of achieving their goals have been questionable. It is often thought that the changes that brought forth Celestial Attributes were unplanned and unwanted by the Lightseekers, and that their true goal was to transform everyone on Earth into a Celestial Mould.

The Lightseekers are lead by the Celestial Council, a supremely intelligent, powerful think tank. Though their presence is largely hidden from the public, many who have seen the Council in person has described beings without bodies, primarily composed of mesmerizing light sources that are actually quite beautiful to behold. These creatures are called Spirited Ones. The core of these creatures are so bright that it almost hurts the eyes to view one up close. Spirited Ones change colours quite frequently, and it is believed that the colours are dependent on the mood of the Spirited One. They brought the Celestial Age, and with that they brought change in mankind, for better or worse is to be seen.








thrSome rare humans were gifted with extraordinary powers, known as Celestial Attributes. An array of new abilities developed amongst the race, all unique to their owner. The ability to see into the future, the power of flight, some were even gifted with the Celestial ability to control time and space.

However, a higher percentage of the population transformed into something less desirable, essentially becoming mind-controlled drones in the Shifted Army. Due to the overwhelming population of Celestial Moulds, rebel groups formed and became known as the True Human Rebellion (THR). Their main goal was to avoid the polluted water supplies, trying their hardest to retain the origins of humanity. thr2After a year of fighting the rebellion, Water of Old was becoming more and more difficult to obtain. Inevitably a large percentage of the THR was forcibly changed during a battle of attrition with time. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for the rebellion movement, some rebels gained incredible powers and became great allies to the movement. With new strength the rebels were able to secure untainted water supplies for generations to come. It is said that even now, in 2048, the rebels have preserved and maintained true human beings.











hunger1There remains hope, it is said that some humans were immune to the Celestial dust, but transformed on their own into evolved beings now known as Heralds of Dust. These Heralds are the leaders of a tribe that survives in underground bases across the world, The Hunger. The Hunger remains secretive, hidden from the eyes of the Celestial Council as they operate in the shadows. They are powerful allies to the True Human Rebellion. Although both organizations are small, they come together when power in numbers is a requirement. The Hunger are a peaceful people, always opting for non-violent methods to achieve their goals, but their force is not to be undermined. When put to the test The Hunger has shown time and time again to be an extremely powerful adversary to those who oppose their quest for peace.

hunger2Whispers have been spoken by shamans passing around stories about the Grand Sage Gatherings, rituals where Heralds of Dust share the Designer Maps. This collection of maps is said to have been given to the Herald families long ago, delivered by another race of celestial beings over 400 years ago. In the past the languages on the maps was unable to be deciphered, locking away powerful secrets from mankind. As we now know these maps were extremely important, but as time passed stories of how these maps were delivered by celestial beings became known as myth, and the value of these maps deteriorated through time. Many of these maps were lost or destroyed, but it is not known how many were delivered, or how many still exist. Some of these maps remain amongst the rubble of our new Earth, awaiting to be discovered. It is now understood that the Designer Maps are of extreme importance, and Heralds of Dust have the ability to decode the text. It is said that these maps hold the keys to the further development of one’s Celestial Attributes. Obtaining access to these maps is a main objective for every True Human, a way to advance their genetic code and to bless them with a stronger chance of survival, another beacon of hope in a world of darkness and greed.







coe-2-no-bgA small group of individuals worship the Lightseekers and praise them for bringing forth the Celestial Age. Known as the Circle of the Elite (CoE), this group is a small, but growing collective of New Age humans who believe that the events brought by the Lightseekers were a needed change for mankind. The Circle of the Elite have very strict guidelines regarding membership, only allowing those blessed with the most powerful of Celestial Attributes, making them an extremely powerful enemy. Acceptance into the CoE requires the member to completely remove their human face as a symbol of their dedication to the agenda. The Celestial Council sees the Circle of the Elite as loose allies, and although they rarely engage communication with them, they have been known to permit assistance from the Shifted Army, allowing the Circle of the Elite to accomplish key goals alongside the Moulds. The Circle of the Elite only allow Caucasian men who have evolved in the most superior fashion, excluding all people of colour, as well as all women from their ranks entirely. They see all other races and women as inferior to themselves, previous to and after the Celestial Age.

The CoE are the definition of elitists, and are despised by the THR and The Hunger for their blatant disrespect to any signs of a matriarchal or inclusive society. coe-1-no-bgThe CoE have enslaved Caucasian women for reproduction purposes, keeping them in clinical conditions like lab rats. These women are forced to give birth to children they will never know, most of which are slain after puberty if their Celestial Attributes do not meet the strict criteria for induction into the CoE ranks. All other people of colour, including all men, women and children are killed on sight, and regardless of whether you are a Caucasian male or not, the Circle of the Elite will kill a True Human Rebellion or Hunger supporter without hesitation, usually done in relentless fashion. The Circle of the Elite have an extremely intelligent, yet narrow-minded leader, named the Supreme Commander. The CoE leaders brain has evolved far beyond human comprehension, however, the intense evolution has had a detrimental cost, his complete departure from all human emotion/compassion, paired with an insatiable desire for power. The Circle of the Elite want to eliminate all of their past connections to mankind. Their goal is to not only assist the Celestials in enforcing evolution, but in destroying the human race and our history as we once knew it.

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